Rami Hochman
Strategic Consulting






We specialize in strategic consulting, providing guidance in the implementation of organizational change. Our competitive advantage, based on decades of experience, is in the area of managing educational and social welfare organizations - some of them amongst the largest in Israelto growth and high achievement, while meeting the goals formulated by the organizations themselves. We consider ourselves our clients' partners in designing and implementing programs of organizational change.

Our Approach

We believe that "those with big dreams can achieve great things," and that with the proper guidance, organizations and individuals can be led to the heights of achievement. The professional approach that guides us in our work is to individually tailor our guidance to each organization and manager we provide our services to.
We take into account the specific nature and needs of each organization and leader of an organizational division, based on our depth of experience across different fields and on our capability to meet the specific needs of each organization.

Principal Areas of Specialization

  • Empowerment, personal guidance and instruction; personalized coaching for executives.
  • Organizational development.
  • Providing solutions to ongoing organizational issues and emergency situations.
  • Overseeing projects.
  • Managing business conflicts, points of crisis and negotiotions.
  • Preparing quality of service treaty.
  • Preparing ethical code.
  • Preparing master plans for municipalities as well as educational and social welfare systems.
  • Providing expert opinions.
  • Preparing work plans.
  • Preparing tenders.
  • Preparing and overseeing continuing education programs.
  • Conducting and preparing seminars and lectures.
  • Preparing aspirants for new professional positions.
  • Preparing new employees for their new place of work.

We place special emphasis on the following services: organizational diagnosis, preparing and providing guidance to staffs, career development, developing leadership, preparing work plans, managing for change, assisting in the setting short- and long-term goals. We also provide individualized professional services to executives. This is a process of personalized coaching aimed at preparing executives to develop and implement multi-year work plans, as well as improving the executive's individual performance.

We also provide expert opinions in the framework of legal proceedings, and for professional committees and oversight bodies. Our special expertise is in the area of educational systems, developing innovative curricula for educational administrators and educational institutions aimed at the prevention of violence, and in establishing good relations with parents and the community. The main focus of these programs is to improve measurable targets, including those in the areas of education, values, and educational accomplishments.


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